Troubleshooting and FAQ

What is Daolize?

Daolize is a Web3-focused platform that enables NFT communities to self-govern and manage their social and public communication in a transparent and inclusive manner.

How does Daolize work?

Daolize allows community members to post quality content within their collection's page. The proposed content that is most liked by other community members can be approved for being posted on official social media accounts.

Which social media platforms does Daolize support?

Daolize currently supports Twitter and Farcaster, with plans to integrate more social media platforms in the future.

How do I set up a community on Daolize?

Daolize works as a permissionless application and has already created a space for all NFT communities. To get started, simply connect your wallet and begin posting content. If the official social media accounts for your community are not yet connected, reach out to your community admin and ask them to connect the accounts. This way, you can seamlessly participate in your community's social media governance.

Is there a cost to use Daolize?

Daolize is completely free to use for its current features. We are committed to keeping these core functionalities accessible to all users. As we develop and expand our platform, we will continue to prioritize affordability and inclusivity for NFT communities worldwide.

How does content moderation work on Daolize?

Content moderation on Daolize is driven by the community. With "Community Moderation", once a threshold is set up, content voted by the community that surpass a given threshold is automatically streamlined to those official social media channels. If you prefer a manual moderation approach, Administrators can add moderators, in charge of reviewing and approving proposed content before it is posted on official social media channels.

Can I customize the governance model for my community?

Daolize is working on allowing users to customize the governance structure for their communities to suit their unique needs and preferences. This feature is currently in beta and not yet available to everyone. However, we are actively refining and testing it to ensure a smooth rollout for all users in the near future. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.

How do I get support or report an issue with Daolize?

For support or to report an issue, check out the dedicated section.

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