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To further enhance your experience and provide more avenues for staying connected, we release a Discord Server Bot. This bot generates a news feed in a designated Discord server channel, offering yet another way for communities to keep users involved in their Daolize activities.

Currently Bot is configured to post in the selected Discord channel a notification every time a content is created on collection timeline in Daolize. We're planning to enlarge Bot functionalities in the future.

Bot Set Up (Admin-permissions only)

These features are for Admins which want to change the way that Daolize News Feed works in their server.

Invite the bot

First of all, you need to invite the bot. Click on the following link to invite Daolize News Feed Bot in your server https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=1118548798277435504&permissions=805374976&scope=bot

Subscribe Channel to Receive Notifications

To start receiving notifications, you have to subscribe your bot.

The /new-subscription command is used to create a new subscription for receiving notifications whenever new content is posted on Daolize. This command requires two arguments:

  1. urlHandle: the handle of your NFT Collection. The urlHandle allows the bot identify the collection, and you can get it in the URL of your community page. For example, if your community URL is https://app.daolize.com/collection/mycommunity , your URL handle is mycommunity, so the portion after the last "/"

  2. channel: the Discord text channel where the notifications should be sent by he bot whenever new content is detected on Daolize

To use the command, you would typically type something like:

Replace [urlHandle] with the specific collection URL handle you want to monitor, and [channel] selecting from the list of channels the one where you want to receive the notifications.

After creating the subscription, the bot continuously monitors Daolize for any new content updates related to the specified collection. Whenever a new content item is detected, a notification message is sent to the chosen Discord channel.

See your active subscriptions

The /my-subscriptions command is used to view all your active subscriptions and the corresponding Discord channels that will receive updates.

To use the command, simply type:

As a result, the bot displays a list of your active subscriptions along with the associated Discord channels.

Delete an active subscription

The /unsubscribe command is used to manage your active subscriptions and unsubscribe from specific collections. When you execute this command, it displays a list of all your active subscriptions, along with buttons that you can select to unsubscribe from a specific collection.

To use the command, simply type:

News Feed

Whenever a new a new content is posted on Daolize, Discord users receives a notification in the designated channel. This ensure they can be easily notified within their Discord server. The notification will contain the following information:

  • User NFT: the NFT image representing the creator of the content.

  • Preview of the content: relevant details of the new content that has been created. This could also include images attached to the content.

  • See Post Button: To quickly access and view the newly created content. Users can simply click on this button, which will direct them to the post on Daolize. In this way, they can upvote immediately the content

This is an example notification users will see in the channel.

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