Community Moderation

Community Moderation is designed to empower communities, supporting our belief in the power of decentralization and its potential to create more transparent, inclusive, and collaborative environments.

How Community Moderation Works

Community Moderation operates based on a set of parameters that are determined by the community admin. These parameters include the 'Like' reactions threshold and the reactions ratio. All these parameters can be set in the "Settings" are of the collection, and once set, will apply only to posts created after the set of the posts.

'Like' Reactions Threshold

The 'Like' reactions threshold is the minimum number of 'Like' reactions a post must receive to be considered for promotion to the community's connected social accounts. This threshold can be set by the community admin and is designed to ensure that only popular and well-received content is promoted.

Reactions Ratio

The Reactions ratio is a measure of the percentage of 'Like' reactions to Total reactions (Like + Report) a post must have to be promoted. This ratio is also set by the community admin. It ensures that even if a post receives a large number of 'Like' reactions, it will not be promoted if it also has a high number of 'Report' reactions, maintaining a balance and preventing the promotion of potentially controversial or harmful content.

Setting Up Community Moderation

Community admins can set up Community Moderation by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the community page.

  2. Select 'Settings'.

  3. Locate the Community Curation settings.

  4. Set the 'Like' reactions threshold (>=1) and the Reactions ratio (1-100) as per the community's preference.

  5. Save the settings.

Please note that these settings, at the moment, can only be changed by the community admin.

The Power of Community Moderation

With Community Moderation, your community can self-regulate without the need for centralized moderators. By allowing the community to decide what content deserves promotion, Community Moderation fosters an environment where the community's voice truly matters. The 'Like' reactions threshold and Promote reactions ratio ensure that only content that aligns with the community's values and standards is highlighted, further reinforcing the community's shared mission and identity.

At Daolize, we're committed to empowering NFT communities to self-govern and engage effectively with their shared mission. Community Moderation is a significant step in this direction, providing a more democratic approach to content management. We look forward to seeing how our communities use this feature to drive their narratives and shape their identities.

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