Concepts and Terminology

To help you better understand and navigate the Daolize platform, we've provided a list of essential concepts and terminology that you'll come across while using the platform:

  • Daolize: Daolize is both the name of the platform and an action. With Daolize, you can "Daolize" any NFT community, meaning you can empower the community to self-govern and manage their social and public communication.

  • Avatar: Your avatar is your image or representation within a collection. You'll have a unique avatar for each collection you own, allowing you to be an integral part of that specific collection. That image is the NFT you choose to represent you in the collection.

  • Voting: Voting is the process by which collection members can express their opinion on proposed content. By voting on content, members help determine the priority and visibility of submissions.

  • Reporting: Reporting is a feature that allows collection members to flag content they consider harmful or inappropriate for the collection's timeline. The report button is only visible to collection members and serves as a way to maintain the quality of the content on the platform.

  • Moderators: Moderators are users selected by the collection founder to oversee the content posted within a collection. Moderators are responsible for removing harmful content and promoting high-quality content to the collection's official social accounts.

  • Collection Founder: The collection founder is the person who created the collection and is identified as the "owner" of the collection at the smart contract level. Collection founders have the authority to appoint moderators and manage the overall direction of their respective collections.

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