Moderating and approving content

We understand the importance of moderation in maintaining the quality of content and fostering a safe and engaging environment for all community members. Our platform provides two main forms of moderation: Community Moderation and Manual Moderation. These tools offer a comprehensive and flexible approach to content management, enabling communities to self-govern and engage with their shared mission effectively.

Community Moderation

In line with our belief in the power of decentralization and its ability to create more transparent, inclusive, and collaborative communities, we have introduced the Community Moderation feature. This feature empowers the community to self-moderate by setting thresholds for automatic promotion of posts to social channels. This allows communities to set their own standards for what content deserves wider visibility, based on the 'Like' reactions threshold and the ratio between like and dislike reactions (the percentage of 'Like' reactions to 'Report' reactions), helping to ensure that only well-received content is promoted. For a detailed guide on Community Moderation, refer to our Community Moderation page.

Manual Moderation

Manual Moderation has traditionally been the primary method of content moderation. Moderators, designated by community admin, have the power to promote and manage the content posted by community members. They can promote deserving posts to the collection's connected social accounts, and remove inappropriate or harmful content from the collection's timeline. Manual Moderation ensures that only the highest quality content is shared on social media, while also maintaining the integrity of the community's shared content. For a detailed guide on Manual Moderation, refer to our Manual Moderation page.

Decentralizing Moderation

We're actively working on further decentralizing the moderation process within our platform. We plan to introduce features that allow moderators to be directly selected by community members, fostering a more democratic approach to content management. Additionally, we aim to implement more automated rules on Community Moderation, such as removing posts reported by a significant percentage of users, to streamline the moderation process and further empower the community. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting developments!

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