Manual Moderation

Manual Moderation is the traditional method of content moderation. It puts the power of content management directly into the hands of designated community members, who are entrusted to uphold the community's standards and values. Here's a closer look at how Manual Moderation works on our platform.

The Role of a Moderator

Moderators play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of content within an NFT community on Daolize. They are responsible for promoting and filter the content posted by community members, and they have the power to:

  1. Promote content: If a moderator deems a post is suitable for sharing on the collection's connected social accounts, they can "promote" the post. Once promoted, the content will be published on the selected collection's official social accounts.

  2. Remove content: If a post is considered inappropriate or harmful, a moderator can remove it from the collection's timeline. This action helps maintain the quality and integrity of the community's shared content.

Please note that both promoting and removing content are definitive actions and cannot be undone.

Adding Moderators

Collection owners can appoint moderators to help manage their community's content. Here are the steps to add a moderator:

  1. Visit the "Settings" page of the collection.

  2. Scroll to "Manual Moderation" section

  3. Follow the steps to designate a new moderator.

By having dedicated moderators, your NFT community can ensure that only the best quality content is shared on social media, while maintaining a safe and engaging environment for all members.

Understanding Manual Moderation

Manual Moderation allows for a focused approach to content management. With human moderators, content is reviewed and curated according to the community's standards. This level of oversight helps maintain the quality of content and fosters a respectful and safe environment.

While we at Daolize are exploring the potential of decentralized moderation, we acknowledge the importance of human judgment in content moderation. Manual Moderation reflects this perspective, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary support to our moderators in their crucial role within their respective communities.

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