Best practices and tips

When using Daolize to manage your NFT community's social media presence, keep the following best practices and tips in mind to ensure a positive and engaging experience for all members:

  1. Choose the right social accounts: A social account for a collection can be the current official account or any other account, both on Twitter or other platforms. If you prefer not to use the official account, consider creating a separate "community" account and connecting it to Daolize. This allows to maintain a dedicated space for community-driven content.

  2. Promote valuable content: Focus on promoting content that brings value to your official accounts and engages your followers. Sharing high-quality, relevant, and interesting content helps to grow your community and keeps your audience engaged.

  3. Report responsibly: Only report content that you genuinely believe should be removed from the collection's timeline. If you simply disagree with another user's opinion but do not find the message harmful or inappropriate, choose not to like it instead of reporting it.

  4. Encourage community participation: Actively encourage community members to propose, vote on, and engage with content. A vibrant and collaborative community strengthens the sense of ownership and pride among members, fostering long-term commitment to the shared mission.

  5. Be transparent and open to feedback: Maintain open lines of communication with your community members, and be receptive to their suggestions and feedback. A responsive and transparent approach builds trust and fosters a healthy community environment.

By adhering to these best practices and tips, you can create a thriving NFT community that effectively manages its social media presence and fosters strong connections among its members.

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