What's brewing?

As Daolize continues to evolve, we're constantly working on developing new features and improvements to enhance the user experience and better serve our NFT communities. Here's a glimpse at some of the exciting features we have planned for the future:

  1. Engagement farming: Reward users for their activities, creating ranks on weekly and monthly bases. Collection leaders can further reward those users, creating a true engagement on social feed curation.

  2. Integration of other social media platforms: In addition to Twitter and Farcaster, we're working on integrating other popular social media platforms to provide a more comprehensive and diverse social media management experience for NFT communities.

  3. Decentralize moderation process: To further empower our communities, we're developing a more decentralized moderation system that will enable community members to have a more direct role in content management and decision-making processes.

  4. Include collections from other chains: To accommodate a broader range of NFT communities, we're working on extending our platform to support collections from various blockchain networks beyond Ethereum, such as Polygon and Solana

  5. Enable posting videos: In addition to pictures, we plan to introduce support for posting videos, allowing for a richer and more engaging content experience within NFT communities.

  6. Community analytics: We're developing analytics tools to help identify the most active and influential users within each community. This will provide valuable insights for community members, enabling them to better understand and cater to their needs and preferences.

Stay tuned for updates on these exciting new features, and join our community channels to be the first to know about the latest developments at Daolize.

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