Posting and Proposing content

Daolize encourages collaboration and engagement within NFT communities by allowing users to post new messaging, both with the finality to be only published on Daolize, or to be proposed for collection's social media channels.

In this section, we'll cover the initial phase of proposing content. More specific information on different types of content and voting can be found in their respective sub-sections.

When proposing content on Daolize, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Each user can propose a message containing up to 1,000 characters and attach up to 4 images.

  • To propose a message, you must own an NFT from the relevant collection at the time of proposing the content.

  • Posted messages are visible to everyone, including users who do not own an NFT from the collection.

To propose content, simply go to homepage or navigate to the appropriate collection page and click the pen button. Enter text, include links or attach any desired images, then click "Post" (arrow). Your content will then be added to the collection's timeline, where other members can view, vote, and engage with it.

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